Regarding Trimble Connect publish model option

Been using the Trial version and was prompted to update to the 2024 version.
One particular thing I have noticed is a change in the Trimble Connect menu from the File window.
I can’t find the “Publish Model” option, I can only assume it has been altered to the new “Save to Trimble Connect” option, yet it does not function the same way.
It acts like a “Save as” function instead, which in my opinion defeats the point, if I wanted to save it as a different project I would have picked the other option.

Is there any other way to do the “Publish Model” without going through the entire directory of my Trimble Connect server folders?

Last Sketchup Pro (Trial) Version 24.0.484 64 Bit (Win 11)

Thank you!

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It says Save As but if the file already has a name you don’t have to change that before saving.

I am still adjusting to the change too. You’re right that the 2023 “Publish Model” option was like a save to TC - and now the “Save to Trimble Connect” is like a save as to TC.

If you do the “Open from Trimble Connect” option, you can start each modeling session with everything synced, and saving the file saves it to TC without doing the save as bit.

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You can still use the older Trimble Connect extension if you install it via the Extension Warehouse.
You will have multiple entries in the file menu, though.

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The new one works a little differently - once you have saved to Trimble connect once

This icon in the trimble connect toolbar will indicate it is saved in the cloud.

If you use the regular “save” option in SketchUp, or even autosave - it will update and revision the trimble connect model.

*until you close and reopen the local file. (just clarifying - DaveR and I already had a thread on this)

Or if you resave it locally using save as…

That’s unexpected, the old collaboration manager kept a link in tact to the original project.