Functionality of publish to Trimble Connect from "Trimble Connect 2.0" is missing in Sketchup 2024

In SketchUp, this tool “Trimble Connect 2.0” is no longer supported.
However, one of the most important functions is missing in the integrated function of SketchUp 2024.
You want to publish the SketchUp file directly to Trimble Connect. This means that once you have defined the storage location, you do not want to define the storage location in Connect every time. This is currently the case when you select Publish Model in SK2024.

Therefore, the wish here is that the direct Publish to Trimble Connect from the former “Trimble Connect 2.0” is also integrated in SK2024.


Once a model is saved to Trimble Connect, every save after that is actually ‘publishing’ the edits to the Trimble Cloud:
Opening can be done from within the Welcome screen, look for the cloud icon to open from TC, the folder icon to open a local file:

As you see in the first GIF, it would be nice to have the most recent project upon opening the dialog, instead of all regions and alphabetically ordered.
BTW. one could still install the TC extension from the Extension Warehouse but one would end up with two Menu items in the File menu:

Caveat; If you wanna make use of the collaboration manager, you still need to publish it first. This does not count for importing visual references, though.

After that, the collaboration manager (or XREF manager) works as it did, for instance, if the .DWG is edited in the project, you will see a notification in the collaboration manager, and can download the latest version:

editDWG (2)

The main problem is that the project overview unfortunately never lists all the projects that actually exist (but unfortunately not always the same ones are missing).

The new function within Sketchup has one point that is missing.
The SKP file should be available locally (i.e. within the company network). So that you can also edit this file locally and only when you want to publish a state X, this should be done. This should then be saved to the location in Connect where it was originally saved.

The current listing is not favorable, since it is showing projects alphabetically from all regions. For many SketchUp users, this might work since they might have been saving to the SketchUp projects and created folders inside that root (many Web version users have this setup). It would be nice if a chosen region is remembered and the listing was ordered ‘lastmodified’, IMO. (@Mark :slight_smile:

It should be said that there also might be some confusion about what a ‘Project’ means in this respect, some might consider a .skp model as a ‘Project’ (with different design options next to each other in one large .skp file or controlled via Scenes and Tags)

Trimble Connect considers a ‘Project’ as the root folder similar on your local folder repo whether you have set this up by client name or location name, year, active, non-active, etc.

Best practice IMO is to get down to the level of the job itself, eg.

Most of the times, this would be the approach when working with a shared drive, network server in a business unit.

Now, with Trimble Connect, one can easily manage synchronizing complete folders with the Trimble Connect Sync app, similar the way Google drive or icloud for Windows does and set a sync schedule for the Project.

This way, there is always local file.