What is plan for Trimble Connect in SketchUp?


Trimble Connect is integrated as a native feature inside SketchUp 2024, and Trimble Connect extension was updated with mention user does not recommend for use.

But the main reason I use Trimble Connect extension because of Collaboration Manager with Todo, and ability to Import Visual Reference Model. What can I do without these features with new Trimble Connect in SketchUp 2024?

Screenshot 2024-04-13 214920

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I am using the Trial version of 2024 (I have the pro version of 2023, and the licence will be replaced in June with 2024). I use the reference function in Connect to help me manage very large models to split them into sections and allow other users to work in collaboration on one project. I don’t see the same Trimble Connect toolbar allowing me to publish, reference and update reference files within my working model. Is this just because I am using the trial version or is this a permanent omission??

If you have Pro 2023 you should not need trial of 2024, just sign in and go…

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If you need the function from the old extension - you can still grab it from the extension warehouse.

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Tried adding the 2023 licence and it said it wasn’t valid

That worked thank you, and so much faster at importing reference files than that in 2023

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They said, “no longer recommended for use”.

My workflow base on it and I need to know their (Trimble) plan with this “core feature”. When the Trimble Connect stops to support that extension… etc.

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