About the Trimble Connect category

Trimble Connect is a separate Trimble product that interacts with SketchUp to provide the following:

  • For web-based versions of SketchUp (Free and Shop) it is the primary storage location for your models. (SketchUp for Schools uses Google Drive).
  • For desktop-based versions of SketchUp, it can be used for file storage if you use the Trimble Connect extension, but unlike web-based versions, it isn’t real-time, nor is it required.
  • The free version (included with SketchUp Free and Shop - and available to anyone else who signs up) provides a limited file-sharing ability that is more flexible than the “Everyone or Nobody” options available through the 3D Warehouse. Paid versions significantly enhance this ability.

The above uses of Trimble Connect are fair game for discussion in this category.

Trimble Connect offers more functionality than described above including gathering models (SketchUp, Layout, and others!) and documents into projects which you can share with your choice of reviewers. You and others can then collaborate on the project with collaboration tools including commenting, suggesting, and versioning.

These other uses of Trimble Connect are a bit far afield from the central focus of this overall forum (SketchUp and Layout) and might be better discussed elsewhere - but the people here are quite helpful - if they think you’ll get better help elsewhere, they’ll say so and usually point you to where you should post. So don’t worry too much about whether your Trimble Connect inquiry exactly matches this category.

Some additional resources for Trimble Connect users:


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