Synchronizing local Model with Trimble Connect

In the new version 2024, it is not possible, to synchronize a model. You can edit the Model directly from Trimble Connect, that’s nice, but you can’t have a file on your network and synchronize this with the Trimble Connect model.
You have always to create a copy of your file. In the version 2023, the synchronize possibility was given.

If you mean the ‘publish’ method in the Trimble Connect extension, it is still available in the extension Warehouse.
It will result in two entries in the file menu, though.

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maybe this can be put back in to the default trimble connect. (feature request)

I agree with this. The previous version with “Publish Model” is a more intuitive starting point for link sharing in my opinion. If Publish Model, Share link to this model, and File Status were combined into an Update and Share button and included with the buttons on the earlier toolbar… that’d be a dandy toolbar!

Thank You. This ist the solution.