Where are preferences in web version

I’m new to the web version and the learning curve is steep. Problem: I would like to specify the location for saving files to on my computer instead of the web. Is there a preferences menu? Saving takes too long.

That’s not an option in the web versions. You can download files to your computer from the web version but Save will always save to your Trimble Connect account.

No can do. All “saving” on the free version is done to your Trimble account online. You can Download a file to your computer via the hamburger menu in the upper left. There you will also find App Settings which is the closest thing to preferences.

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You can download Trimble Connect Sync to have your projects hosted in the web with file locations on your computer.
Check this thread, it’s about syncing libraries, but ‘normal’ files work, too.

thanks! I will give it a go.

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