How to import Trimble Connect models into my Sketchup work?


Is there a way to import Trimble connect models directly in Sketchup Pc? I mean that we can easily import models from the 3D warehouse in Sketchup Pc but how can we do the same from Trimble connect to Sketchup Pc?
I am not talking about opening a 3D model from Trimble connect but importing 3D models

Have you tried File>Trimble Connect>Import Reference File?

yes but that is not what i am looking for, that imports a model that is impossible to modify, impossible to unlock and the second model imported is stacked on the first one, etc…

Importing models through Trimble connect is not the same as using models as components.
When importing as component, you load a definition that you ‘instance’ in the current model by placing it.

If you reference a model through Trimble connect, you can place or replace the model through the options, click on the reference tab in the collaboration manager, then on the reference to move or Interactive Align the placement. You can only move and rotate, editing should take place in a separate SketchUp instance, so it is not possible to create different versions on the fly thus preventing errors.

The main model can have more then one reference, but each reference needs to be unique, so you cannot ‘stack’ or have more of the same reference in your model( it would be a bug)

If you want to have that models in your trimble connect project act as traditional components, set up another project and have your components, there. When needed, download the folder and unzip it and add that folder to your component-collection.

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I may not explain correctly or there is confusion.

Before my library of models was on 3D warehouse and i was capable to import each of them in the same Sketchup Pc work.

I moved my library to Trimble Connect now but i can’t find the way how to import my models anymore as components i can place and edit where i want in my work.

Bu when i work with Sketchup Shop, i can easily import my models as components in my work.

So i feel very strange and pitty that we can’t do it in Sketchup Pc.

Am i clear of what i am looking to do?

Did you delete them? They are no longer on the 3D Warehouse?

You cannot import through the Trimble Connect that is in the middle on the left when you open the hamburger menu.
You can only open a model from TC, it replaces the current model.

In Shop, you have access to two libraries or collections of components, one is the ‘in model’ collection (Little house icon), the other would be the 3D warehouse (with the search option)

In the PC version (Pro), you have a third option to look for collection of components, besides the ‘in model’ and the 3D Warehouse. These collections can be on your local hard drive, a google drive or netwerk server. You have to add them in the components panel in the tray through the little blue ‘details’ icon (open or create a collection)

You cannot access models directly in Trimble connect, thoug, the way you can with services as dropbox or google drive.
It is actually a good thing though, many problems arise and corrupted models this way, it is better to download first and work on the downloaded file (autosave) and upload when done.
Since components and materials are just downloaded once (and hen reside in the in model collections) problematic syncing with these files will not occur that much.

Trimble Connect is not just another cloud storage service, it is a project manager, where it is important to have the latest versions available for everyone in the project, in the (design office and out in the field. If the field team get’s a notification that the design team has published an updated version, they need to download it first.
The extension in SketchUp works similar, if you open a model, it would download the latest version, when done editing, you publish it back in the project.

That said, you can use Trimble connect as a plain storage for your components, but you would need to download the files in a folder on your PC and then add that folder as explained (little blue dteails icon in the component panel.

Note: if you download a folder, it is zipped, you need to unpack, first.

Alternatively, if your components still reside on the 3D Warehouse, you would have access to that collection through the icon in the large toolbar, or [menu]Window->3D Warehouse l

Thank you very much for all these explanations.

Sketchup shop was filling perfectly my need. My Library of models is on Trimble Connect. Trimble Connect allows me to administrate permission access rights to project participants and make sure my library is not public.
Each participant was capable to draw some layout fast and easy by importing any models as components.
We moved to Sketchup Pro Pc because Sketchup Shop was not fluide enough working on big layout with many many 3D models.
But now i am like a bit sad to see that it is not possible to have a direct import component as models directly from Trimble Connect…
My main issue is that all participants to the projects film have first to download the models on their Pc to then import into their Sketchup work. That means it will be easier for them to always work with downlozded models instead of going to Trimble Connect first, and download the models from the cloud. So i am sure they will not work with last up to date models version in that case…that is working me a lot.
Sketchup Pro Pc can import directly from 3D warehouse.
Sketchup Shop can directly import from Trimble Connect.
Sketchup Pro Pc cannot import from Trimble Connect…seems weird to me.

You might wanna share the setup here, because I think it is the exact purpose of Trimble Connect. The confusion arises when you speak about ‘components’.
What is the usage of these components?
Are they just parts of a bigger assembly, like chairs and products?
Or bigger parts, like houses or appartments of a building?
Does everyone get’s one part assigned and then you get to see the final result?
Please explain.

Usage of these components is to create some bigger work assembly yes.
So i create components they can use to compose a bigger assembly work.
We want to keep this library out of the public access that’s why i moved it from 3D warehouse. But all participants who get credentials on Trimble connect for that project and who have access to these library of components cannot simply/easily import these “components” in their Sketchup PC work like it was very easy to do from 3D warehouse. But they can very easily do it using Sketchup Shop…
I don’t want and don’t like participants save first the “compoenent” on their PC because i am almost sure they will not look at the latest version that is on Trimble Connect because it is much more easier to do a import from Sketchup Pc straight from their drive.
So that’s why i don’t understand why there is not a “Import as component” in Sketchup PC.

Shop is relatively new compared to the desktop version, so that’s probably the why. FI, I don’t understand why there isn’t a ‘Save as’ in Shop. It’s under constant development, and features being added on almost a monthly base.

If you upgraded your participants to Pro subscription, they might as well invest some time in the workings of the desktop-version and profit from the difference between Web-based Shop and Desktop Pro. One of them being the use of extensions and in your case the Trimble Connect Extension specifically, which get’s installed as a ‘native’ extension, so everybody has it.

In the link above, there is a little tutorial for setting up commonly used libraries in the desktop version, but here it is again:

Still, some questions, can or may the participants alter the blocks?
For modeling you don’t need to use the download option of the files and then open the downloaded file in SketchUp, instead, you can use the extension to open a model and publish it. Or use [menu]File->Trimble Connect.
Then, they cannot ‘Save’ the file (error: other application has altered it) and they would need to publish it by using the extension, instead. This way, all the alterations and version history is kept in the cloud (who modified it when)

It all depends if they are allowed to change the components of the (former) Warehouse Collection and how often they change. With the tutorial link, the Trimble Connect Sync apps keep you all on the same page.

Thank you for your replies.
There is a “Save as” in Shop but that’s for Trimble cloud. The exact same function is there just called differently as “Download” to save it on PC hard drive… So the function is there, it is more a question on how they called it and wanted to motivate saving work on Trimble cloud.

The open model from Trimble Connect extension as it is originally builtin in 2020 Pro, doesn’t do the job because it opens each time the “component in a new work file”, so it is not importing a model to compose something bigger.

That is for the whole model, not specific components in the model.
Components are actually ‘little’ models inside a bigger one, the model context itself (file) can act as one, too.

That’s why you need to follow the link. In the desktop version, you can open collections of libraries, In the tutorial case, a folder which gets Synced by the extension, it is the way to insert a component ‘definition’ Instance in the model, rather then being ‘referenced’. The definition can be copied in the model or dragged out the component panel whereas a ‘reference’ can not, because it is protected by the workings of a collaborative Project. (How could another team member know if you have altered a block?)

Thank you again.
I am limited with my English vocabulary. I will investigate “collections of libraries” stuff.

Start here:
Pm me your Trimble Id, so I can hook you up for one of my projects

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your assistance.
I looked at Collections but that is not why i need.
I am feeding on Trimble Cloud a private group of people a library of components (skp file) that are used to compose bigger skp work. So i give them credentials on Trimble Connect to a project folder in which i have categorized sub folders with skp files.
So this way, i am sure that the skp remain private and participants always use the correct version of skp files components.
So i am really looking to a “Trimble Connect” -> “Insert as components” option in Sketchup PC 2020 Pro. (Exactly same as Sketchup Shop already proposes)

When I import as reference from Trimble Connect
In outliner, how I can manage model such as turn on or turn off object?

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

Hi @DaveR
I use SU2021 Trial, I just test import as reference model from Trimble Connect
When I check in outliner it very lag and slow to working
I hope SketchUp can live modeling with IFC or Group easier with IFC model

Reference models get their own tag in the tag panel, you can control the visibility there in one go.
You cannot ‘live’ edit ifc models in SketchUp, you can export your model as an ifc, though, with the help of the ifc manager extension.
What is your goal?