How to import model stored on Trimble Connect?



Hello. Currently I store my models on local drive. I have some small models in separate files and one file where I import all of them as component, and move them around etc. This works well, if I want to change some of the component I can open its file and make change there, and then reload it in the big scene.

I see it is possible to keep models in the cloud in something called Trimble Connect, and even better, view and edit them online in my.sketchup. But I can’t figure out how to get the behaviour of reasonably connecting smaller models into larger ones, like I described before.

I’d like to do this both in my.sketchup, and when editing the files on a desktop computer using SketchUp for windows. Both ways I only see how to open a model, but not how to import another model into my currently edited model. I only found something called “reference link” or something, and it doesn’t seem to do what I want.

Any hints?


“File > Trimble Connect”

if not avail install by “Window > Extension Warehouse > Trimble Connect 2.0” (req. SU v2017)



I know how to open a model from Trimble, this is not the problem. I don’t know how to import it into my current model.

(I’m just not at my main machine now, I’ll check the card later.)



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