Opening Up a model on Sketchup Web that I created on my PC with Sketchup Pro

Hi I have used Sketchup in for a few years to design sets for a theatre and I have a base model that I use. It is stored on my Mac. How do I open that model on the Web version of Sketchup?

Top left folder icon, insert.

The other option, if you really want to open the model and not just insert it as a component into another model, is to use File/Launch Trimble Connect… in SketchUp, then go into one of your folder and use the Add Upload Files option to send any models you want to Trimble Connect. Then you can folder icon, open, in the web version.

If you no longer have desktop SketchUp to do that, you can go to Trimble Connect in a web browser, and upload the files from the same looking page. Click on your project folder in this page: