Can I edit desktop files in Web version

I have many years of models from Sketchup desktop. I can open them in the web version. But it appears they are view-only. Is that intentional by Trimble? or am I missing some setting or option to import the file into the web tool?

Sounds like you’re opening them with the viewer. Try opening them with Trimble Identity

Tell us something about the models you have? To help answering you.

Models created by the desktop versions of SketchUp should be fully editable by the web versions of SketchUp (unless the models are too complex for the browser-based SketchUp to deal with, typically meaning many millions of edges and faces in the geometry, or a large number of large images).

No extensions are available currently for use with the web-based versions of SketchUp, so you would not have the benefit of any extensions while editing the model with the web-based SketchUp. But the web version’s native tools should work.

Here’s what I figured out:

  • if I used “Open” and then try to edit the file I cannot. It opened in View-only mode.
  • if I used “Import as component” then I could work with the model and save it in Trimble.

My model that I was trying to edit was created in Sketchup 2017. It was a garden shed project I created from scratch. I think it is pretty basic: framing lumber and roof panels that I modeled using Rectangle tool, push/pull tool, made components, groups, and a few different layers (the layers converted to Tags in the web version). No extensions or functionality that doesn’t exist in the web version.

My assumption is that if Trimble doesnt want it to be too easy for people to move from the free desktop versions to the free web version. I only use Sketchup for figuring out my materials for personal woodworking projects so I cannot justify the cost of the pro licenses.

Sorry. It sounds to me as if you are missing something because it isn’t really as difficult as you seem to be making it out to be.



Definitely some sort of pilot error, possibly a web error. But as Dave already said, a skp file is a skp file and once opened in any version can be edited and saved.

Perhaps your inability to fill in your profile with relevant info is related.
It is difficult for us to help if we don’t know the facts.


When I go through the very steps you show, I am unable to select individual components, add guides, anything. I can only view the file. I’ll try to do a screen capture when I get home.

It is worth noting that I can edit and create in the Web version. I was trying to prepare for the eminent demise of the free desktop versions.

I’m going to end this thread here. I really don’t like the condescending of some commenters. I’ve been using Sketchup for over 15 years (since it was called Google Sketchup) so I’m not clueless. I thought maybe this forum would be a helpful collab space. Turns out my assumption was wrong.

I’m sorry you feel that. In my experience, it is full of extremely knowledgeable and helpful people including all of the previous respondents to your original post. Don’t take any offence - they are trying to help.

I was trying to help you in good faith. Evidently based on that comment you don’t really want my help so I’ll quit trying.

Dave-I appreciated your notes. it was this one that really turned me off


The information in your profile is important for helping us help you.

Done. Also, I double checked and it is only the one file I have this issue with. So maybe I used something in that model that is causing issues.

Sorry if my comment offended you. We rely on that info to be able to understand and answer your questions fully. There can be very different answers depending on what combination of things you have in your setup. Different versions of the program, different versions of the operating system, (not just win or mac) different graphic cards all have different possible answers.
If you had asked as many people as we have to kindly fill in the details so that we can help, you might occasionally get a bit short with them. Also this wouldn’t be the first time that a poorly filled in profile wasn’t a clue to the persons problem, sometimes it means we need to walk them through using their computer before we can fix their issue. We have nothing else to go on but what you tell us and how you tell us. We spend a lot of time trying to read between the lines.

And I will note here that even though you have said Done, you haven’t yet corrected your profile info.


That’s where you are incorrect- I have updated the profile with my info.


Let me just add why Winders and Laptop are unhelpful.
Your question is about a web version issue and the web version is quite recent. It usually needs things to be up to date to work well.
So we look at your profile and see what you have above, so it looks like you are using SU2015 which is quite old and can run on very old machines. So it is entirely possible that you are using Windows 7 on a 32 bit laptop with an integrated graphic card. But you may also be using a 64 bit machine running windows 11 developers version and an Nvidia GTX 3080.
The possibilities are endless.
I’ll stop bothering you now.


I did mention that the files were created in SU2017. My laptop is running Windows 10. I’ve used Chrome and Edge browsers with the same effect. and I’ve resolved that it was just this one file that had the issue.

If you could share the file that is problematic, maybe someone can find out what the problem is…