Open an older Sketchup model in Sketchup Web (free)

I have a lot of Sketchup files (saved on my computer) from when Sketchup was free.
I want to open some of them and make changes and re-save them.

I’ve tried uploading to 3D warehouse and then downloading but this doesn’t seem to work (maybe because I am using the free Web based Sketchup version??)

How do I access my old drawings now?

SketchUp is still free, under the same name, SketchUp Make, as in the last 6 years, and it can open, modify and save the older files.

(:shushing_face: Sketchup is still free (as in beer)…)

Have you tried that? The Web version should open all old files SketchUp 3–2018 and saves to SketchUp 2017.1.

Why do you come to the conclusion it does not seem to work?
(By not telling that you hide the problem from us that you want to be solved.)

There are topics with “purty pictures” in the SketchUp for Web categories that explain how to drag and drop files from your computer into the Trimble Connect panel of SketchUp for Web.

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