How to open sketchup web model via link from client in SketchUp pro

A client has made a sketchup file on the web and sent me a link to open and view the file. On opening the link in a browser, there are no options to edit, only to zoom, pan, orbit.
Can I import this model into sketchup pro? If not, what do I tell them to change before sending me the link once again so that I can import it?

They could download the file and send it to you, you should be able to open it in SketchUp Pro 2022…

I don’t think you can download it unless it’s on the 3D warehouse, the person who made the model can download it from the web to the pc and send it to you.

If they created the file in the web app, it is hosted in Trimble Connect.
If they go to, they can make you a teammember or send a link from there: