Help, SketchUp Viewer 2020, Section Cuts

Hi there!
I have never used the SketchUp program before and need to use the viewer for an assignment to view a model we have been given. I am trying to view the model with a vertical section cut. The sketchup file has both sections available but I cant figure out how to change the view of the section cut from the horizontal to vertical. I did it the other day pressing random buttons when playing around and, of course, cant find it again.
thanks for your time.

do you mean like this

those options are not available in the Viewer. You need to have a scene with the active view in it.
this is how the viewer app looks like:

so click on one of the tabs at the top of the viewport.

fwiw, the viewer app hasn’t been changed for ehm…never changed and lacks some basic features (like adding your own section cut or selecting and entity info, measurements etc.)
why not use Trimble Connect, instead?

Ah…sorry for some reason it didn’t register with me that you are using the viewer …I must learn to stop skim reading !!

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Yes, that happens to me frequently, as well :slight_smile:

Here is how that model looks like in Trimble Connect:


(Yes, multiple section cuts!)

Tip: You can also share a link to a client so they can either view only or even download the file and set the (end)date as well:

Here is the link:

(I have set the end date to 21-05-2020)
Dear mr @DanRathbun : with this link, no login needed