Datum for DWG import

I’d like you to add an option to DWG import where we could modify the insertion point of a DWG, with manual values in X, Y and Z, in order for it to be imported into the model, with accurate coordinates, but not too far from origin.

This way I could coordinate models from various disciplines, that use real world coordinate systems, while our model is not (because it’s impossible to work far away from X,Y,Z=0,0,0)

Good luck, been asking for years for a way to either use or reference real world coordinate systems.

One warning: Many DWG map files have the origin marked with geometry so even if you place it so that your site is located at the SketchUp model origin, the extents of the file fill be huge.

I don’t think this problem has been satisfactorily solved in any BIM or 3D modelling application. The “survey point” system in Revit or Archicad is a “close, but no cigar” solution. 3D modelling with OpenGL or DirectX just doesn’t work reliably with large real world coordinates.

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You might want to adjust or reposition the dwg’s up front in Trimble Connect for Windows.
Export the current ciew as TrimBIM and import that in SketchUp.

Bonus, Mtexts are imported as well!

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Hi Mike, that is really cool to know. I will investigate it.