Show only specific IFC Types

Hi SKP-Community,

i would like to know, if its possible to show only specific ifc types,
e.g show only all tagged with “ifcWall”, like the feature: “color by layer” does?

This could be a fantastic sorting option inside SKP.

Under “Modelinformation”, i see that there it is possible, to import
a own classification system. I have to dive into it, to see what
could be done with this.

Maybe there is a plugin for my wanted feature?


Not all properties get exported correct with the current native exporter,

See this thread:

You can upload the ifc to Trimble connect, and use the Model tree (on the left) for the layer and groups hierchy andb he properties outliner on the right were you can see how the ifc attributes are organised.

It is possible to assign an IFC classification to objects in SketchUp. Unfortunately, there is no native function in SketchUp that allows you to filter all objects by IFC classification such as “color by layer”. It would indeed be a nice addition.

For the BIM coordination you can, as @MikeWayzovski says, apply Trimble Connect to filter elements by classification.

If you want to do this now in SketchUp you could make it possible using a Ruby script.