SketchUp IFC Manager extension

Hi Everyone!

For the past year I have been working on a new version of my IFC Manager extension.
The first versions were very much focused on the dutch specific way of working with IFC surrounding the “BIM Basic IDM” and it’s dutch matching “NL-SfB” classification system (implemented as a native SketchUp classification!).

The main goal of this extension is to quickly setup an IFC model structure and create a better mapping of SketchUp properties (like classifications and IFC attributes) to IFC than is done with the current native exporter.

I took a stab at internationalising it after Malte Palmen contributed the German “DIN 276-1” classification system.
Now it’s possible to add more classification systems, so if anyone is using “uniformat” or “Omniclass” or “ETIM”… Let me know if you need some help adding those.

Information about the BIM Basic IDM:

Before I try to get the plugin into the extension warehouse I would like to do some more testing, especially in using the new dialog. Are there people interested in helping me out with that?



New version 3.2.0 adds common PropertySets when applying IFC types.
For example when labeling a component as “IfcWall”, the official propertyset “PSet_WallCommon” is added.
This gives the possibility to set parameters like “IsExternal” and “LoadBearing”


Another update, version 3.3.0, the last one for 2020! :grin:

  • Big improvement in exporting of properties
  • Added site to context menu

New release containing a lot of clean up and some improvements in performance. Also fixed a bug that got into the DIN 276-1 classification export.

Also included the improved NL-SfB classification by @MikeWayzovski!

Release SketchUp-IFC-Manager 3.4.3 · BIM-Tools/SketchUp-IFC-Manager · GitHub


Ok, new release that I consider the definitive 3.x version!
Should be pretty stable by now. If you do find any issues, please let me know.


and 3.5.0


Note: Currently this is a “Pre-Release” and not yet a “stable” version.


Hi brewsky I am interested in using Omniclass in my SketchUp files. Can you tell me if I can use your plugin to do it?

Technically it should be pretty simple, but the license for those kind of classification systems (uniformat,omniclass etc) has been keeping me from including them because it’s not clear to me of it’s allowed to redistribute those lists (in another form like the Sketchup skc/xsd)

OmniClass_EULA.PDF (37.2 KB)

Here is some information about the licenses. As I understand it the lists can be distributed without modification.

To be able to load the list into sketchup it must be converted into a SKC file, and I believe that is prohibited due to the fact that it would be a “derivative work”.

But it would be great to have that! Might be interesting to check if the “NBIMS-US” guys could create an official SKC.

I am experiencing loading errors with the IFC Manager since version 4 through version 4.1.1. See attachment for Ruby Console information.

The recently released version 3.6.0 doesn’t trigger this error, nor did the versions before that.

IFC manager error.txt (5.0 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. Too bad I published a new version 4.1.4 right before I read this, I will take a look at it tomorrow.

It has to do with the rubyzip gem I included since version 4 (to be able to extract the XSD schema from the SKC’s and export ifcZIP files).
I will look into it some more, I don’t get any issues here with SketchUp 2021 on windows.

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Can you try this version? I embedded the Rubyzip library… Release SketchUp-IFC-Manager 4.1.5 · BIM-Tools/SketchUp-IFC-Manager · GitHub

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It looks like it is loading clean now, thanks. :wink:

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Hi there,
as a completely newby to BIM, I am checking out if it is useful for me.
And my first question then: Is there a possibility to switch on/ off my Elements in the Sketchup model by

I have read that originally in SketchUp it is not possible…


Hi @mkluth70

Maybe something for you here

It’s an extension from @nnijmeijer

New release of the IFC Manager 4.2.0

In this release mainly improved handling of Sketchup Classifications like those from my new extension: SKC/classifications through buildingSMART Data Dictionary Extension

But there are a lot of changes since the last update here, amongst others:

  • IFC 4
  • ifcZIP
  • IfcTypeProducts

New release of the IFC Manager 4.3.1

  • Fixed Revit import scale issue when using meters as units
  • Improved persistence of GUID’s
  • Fixed duplicate GUIDS
  • Fixed missing propertysets
  • Fixed missing bSDD classification location