SKC/classifications through buildingSMART Data Dictionary Extension

I made a new extension, SketchUp-bsDD-plugin, with which it’s possible to extend your Sketchup model with any classifications/properties/materials from the buildingSMART Data Dictionary as a SKC/classification system in Sketchup.

buildingSMART (the people behind IFC) created a special API endpoint, so we can create SKC’s and natively use all domains locally inside Sketchup.

Search data that’s already present in bSDD:

These Classifications including their properties can be exported to IFC with the latest version IFC Manager

Please let me know what you think and what can be improved.


Facade model IFC format.skp (3.8 MB)

very interesting work, congratulations !

i have following question.
in facades in aluminium, complex profile cross sections are used.

if these structures are calculated with advanced software these cross sections have to be regenerated/adapted from dwg or dxf formats. This is very time consuming…

The suppliers of the profile systems deliver more and more IFC models with these cross sections included.

However, to make a structural calculation only the load carrying profiles are necessary out of the IFC file.

My question :
is it possible to adapt the IFC file and to get this out of the native file?
or has the IFC to be structured in the appropriate way before it is loaded in SKTUP?
in annexe an example of an IFC file loaded in SKTUP PRO.
many thanks in advance to consider this question !


Most IFC entity types have the parameter “isLoadBearing” that can be used for this purpose. In your example I see all Members have this property set to “true” which I belive should not be the case for the horizontal parts.
With the IFC Manager plugin the propertysets “PSet_…Common” are automatically created when assigning an IFC classification during modelling in sketchup.
When exporting using IFC manager these properties are added to the output IFC and can be easily filtered in applications like Solibri.

But inside Sketchup filtering on a specific property/attribute is not easy.

Many thanks for your reply !
I will check it and see the results in the calculation program

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Cool! When modelling these kind of structures in Sketchup, make sure you stick to the model structure you have in this example model. At least a component classified as IfcCurtainWall containing other components classified as IfcMember or IfcPlate.

I followed your guide to copy the src files in a directory to install the plugin.
unfortunately I get an error regarding the url when I tried to install the extension:

can you tell me what to do?
thank you for your time