BsDD plugin for Trimble connect

I Watch es a video about Building Smart BsDD and They mentioned a plugin for Trimble Connect. Has anyone any information about it? Maybe @MikeWayzovski ?
The link of video is this buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) session at InfraBIM Open 2023 - YouTube (min 11:540

Check this post:

The Trimble Connect plugin mentioned there is an internal prototype that I made at VolkerWessels, it re-uses the interface I made for the SketchUp bSDD plugin, leveraging the Trimble Connect PropertySet service to extend model data.

Too bad it’s not something I can share at this time.

I’m working on improving the SketchUp version though :wink:

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Thanks @brewsky . I am looking forward to seeing it. With the current one I have not been able to export the data with Ifc file.