IFC Manager

Hi All,

Has anyone found a good IFC Manager extention to export correct geometry attributes from sketchup models. ie. Roof m2, Wall m2 etc

Check this one:

What is your workflow? In what program do you estimate?
You can also ‘stay’ in SketchUp and use



We estimate in Cubit Pro (Buildsoft) that has the ability to import IFC models and read the attributes directly. We sometimes model up buildings inside of SketchUp Pro so we can get more accurate quantities rather than just measuring off PDF Drawings.

We already have Quantifier Pro and love the extension, this allows us to export to excel and re-import into Cubit Pro.

However it would be great if we could just bring in a IFC with correct readable attributes directly into our estimating software.

I use BIM-Tools

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I have just had a play with the BIM_Tools plugin and still have the same information missing ie> Geometry: Length, Area. I only get volume.