IFC Geometric Quantities

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My feature request is the ability for SketchUp to export to IFC natively and include all geometric quantities eg. length, width, height, count, volume, area.


I wonder if this is something that the application you are using to read the IFC file should derive from the building elements in the model. All those properties can be measured from the model.

Count is the difficult one. All applications that I know export all model parts to IFC as unique objects with their origins at the model origin. I am not versed in the IFC format well enough to know if it supports any kind of instancing.

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My understanding of the IFC format is a global format for BIM modelling and sharing that contains data relating to the model. SketchUp has very poor IFC format export and has been discussed many times via this forum with hope for improvement. My particular use is using dedicated estimating software designed for 5D BIM take-offs which uses IFC formats for the model and reading the embedded geometric quantity data. Currently SketchUp only has the ability to export ‘volume’ & ‘count’
Geometric Quanitity SketchUp

+1 for this