Export to IFC with IfcBaseQuantities

the IFC export implemented in SketchUp ignores all custom properties associated with objects (IfcBaseQuantities) and saves only the basic IFC attributes. Is there a way to add extra data in dynamic component attributes, for example material and section of a beam profile for software of structural Analysis, or another way to exporting correctly IFC?

I have an extension to do that Add IfcQauantities.
If you export the IFC with Ifc Manager all quantities goes with the model.

I try it, but when i try to import into a structural analysis software some attributes are always missing. For example for an IFC Member i need the profile dimensions, material, and these properties are not automatically added as pset_beamcommon. I know i need to add this information to the model and i don’t know how

Ifc category from Ifc Manager adds Pset_MemberCommon

Add Ifc Quantities add Quantities

Materials are added while exporting with Ifc Manager

I believe that unfortunately it is not enough to add quantities and values. A member has a cross section with a shape and therefore mechanical properties that strictly depend on the shape (inertial, torsional, etc.)