BIM Template for SketchUp

I’m looking for a SketchUp BIM template file and a tutorial how to structure SU drawings according to the IFC protocol. Hope someone can help me out.

Take a look here, not template files but a good starting point.

Layer Manager

SketchUp IFC Manager

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Thanks Julian, this is indeed the information I’m looking for!!


Hereby my SketchUp Pro BIM template.
SU_BIM_ITCAD_bouwwerk template.skp (239.7 KB)

The template contains a metric system, the basic structure including classifications for the IFC 2x3 export in accordance with the BIM Basic IDM.

This is an initiative from the Netherlands to be able to share BIM information uniformly with each other. You can download the BIM Basic IDM in various languages ​​from:

I use the following layer system in the template:

BE_ = Building Element such as floors

BS_ Building Storey like 00 ground floor

SP_ = Special information such as DWG imports etc.

Of course you can always apply your own layer system.

Finally: Use the IFC Manager extension for a correct IFC 2x3 export that @Julian_Smith has already shared.


Thanks a lot nnijmeijer! I will have a look at it and try to get a grip on working with the IFC protocol in SketchUp. Hope that it works better with the plugins IFC Manager and the IFC Layer Manager I got in an other discussion.

Like in the post 4 posts above yours quoted here? :thumbsup:

Yes, I just repeated it, very good links, thanks again Julian Smith!!