Sketchup, BIM and IFC


I am designer and working with sketchup for more than 10 years now.
I start using it with a BIM standard and IFC datas.

Several problems I discover for which I will appreciate your comments for solutions / understanding:

1- Sketchup does not support yet IFC 4 ?
I made all my drawings with that standard but when I want to export my IFC file for other worker I can only choose the 2x3 version, it means that I lose all my past information work.
Do you know any possibility to recover automatically the IFC 4 informations to pass them to the 2x3 version ?
Any Ruby script or plugin to allow IFC 4 export ?

NB: note that the link between Sketchup and Layout is +/- perfect and allow to operate with IFC informations, but no sharing/working with other with other soft / standards … :frowning:

2- I try a change on 1 component from IFC 4 to IFC 2x3 and made the IFC export, OK.
My exemple is 1 one global component ( 1 cabinet ) containing several IFC components with IFC informations.
Several problems I notice with IFC viewers ( I use the Solibri one and A360 on phone ):
Only possibility to select/view informations of the global components ( not the ones inside )
layers of my sketchup model disappear ( on that exemple problem, how to do if I want to hide my cabinet doors and not with section cut ? )
materials disappear

3- I try to reimport my IFC model on sketchup and surprise ! I lost all my layers, materials and IFC informations … :frowning: so not useful for a collaborative work or simply using the IFC format …

other things I notice but let’s start « doucement » :))

thanks for your help / comments

I don’t know how to make model with ifc, but with this help, I could import IFC 4 schema and I clold use IFC 4 classification.

The “ifcXLM4.xsd” file is here. (click ‘download XSD file’)

Is this correct way?

Hi genki_tt,
thanks for your reply.
I already use the “ifcXLM4” for my IFC 4 schema drawings on sketchup 2016.
My problem is that I can not recover this version but only the 2x3 IFC version with IFC export from sketchup 2016.
It means that I loose all my IFC information if I want to collaborate with others on the 4th version working on other soft.

Take a look here, not template files but a good starting point.

Layer Manager

SketchUp IFC Manager