IFC File Import Failed or Missing Properties

Fairly new to Sketchup. SK Pro 2019 Ver. 19.1.174 on PC.

I have playing with IFC Import Feature.

  1. Some IFC Files just produce “Import Failed” , no further information.
  2. Others do import bu Missing all IFC data.
  3. Other Only Type Data but no Properties.

All work no Issues using BIM Vision 2.2 SW to check.
I was really hoping to be able to effectively use IFC Models and Data.

Any Feedback?


As for now, it seems that you can not import ifc 4, the latest standard, in to SketchUp. Only the old and almost forgotten IFC2x3.

You can Import the classification scheme, but not models. We need this, for most libraries work with IFC 4
We also need good export…


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@Darryl005 See this topic thread …

IFC import to / export from SketchUp Pro

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Agreed ifc4 should be supported. At the least I would have expected it to be able to read the Version Tag from the Schema and Tell me “Ver. XX Unsupported” not just a “Failed” message.


I Have discovered why I do no initially see the Properties of an individual Component.
when initially imported only the Highest Level of the IFC tree is shown.
The Model must be exploded until the Individual Component is visible in the Type Field.