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Hi all,

I want to export a IFC of a assembly of 2 components: electricity box and heating system for exemple.
I create 2 components for this 2 stuffs and assign " IfcUnitaryEquipmentType" classification with the maximum of attribute for each component.
I try to create a main componant that group the 2 components. I try to assign " IfcUnitaryEquipmentType" , and several other classification to this parent BUT

When I export this file into IFC, Exporter “flatten” this structure by merging subcomponent with all informations.

What can I do to get an IFC with the entire structure ?

I’m not sure to be clear because I’m newbies in IFC and not so fluent in english.

Best Regards


I may not be able to help as I am no BIM specialist. However, I am not clear what you mean by exporting an IFC since that doesn’t seem to be an export option (or am I wrong?).

Could you explain what it is you are needing to do with the exported file? It might also be useful if you uploaded the file so that we can see what you are working with.

If it is easier to use French, do (I’m guessing your language from your name).


Sorry, I find that you CAN export to IFC.

This thread my prove useful reading:


This one is more recent:


HI Denis,

Are you working in a BIM environment (for example import into Navisworks?) using Sketchup?, or is the IFC going into Revit?.



Sorry, I find that you CAN export to IFC.

Yes, it’s whats i’m using.

My Aims is to produce IFC not specific to a software (as Navision , Revit, Archicad, …)

Please find below more explanation with image

The assembly with IFC attribute

The sub-component

The IFCexport (in solibri viewer)

As You can see, sub-componentA and B have been merge and attribute have disappear.

How can I keep outliner in IFC and keep information of subcomponent

best regards


Have you read the threads?
use the IFC manager for better export


Thanks for your answer:

Sadly I’ve got an error when exporting

Error: #<NoMethodError: undefined method objectplacement=' for #<BimTools::IFC2X3::IfcUnitaryEquipmentType:0x007f9c5cdcf938>> /Users/DenisBolomier/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Plugins/bt_ifcmanager/lib/lib_ifc/ObjectCreator.rb:220:ininitialize’

I will try to debug it when I will get some available time


I assign IfcFurnishingElement classification and the ifc export of the extension work but I get this error when I try to open it, …

, …


Denis bonjour

j’ai fait un test avec config identique de composants en changeant les ifc.
Wall pour l’un, beam pour l’autre.
export et ouverture avec trimble connect sur pc.
Ca semble marcher.




Je n’arrive pas à reproduire ton cas. Lorsque j’exporte avec un Beam et un Wall, le niveau d’'assemblage de BEAM et du Wall supérieur disparait.
Selon les choix inférieurs que je fais alors ils sont fusionnés ou non mais je ne retrouve jamais ma hiérarchie.


En donnant 2 ifc “distribution element” et “chamber element”, ca les groupe sans avoir à créer un composant global


Quel viewer utilises tu ? J’ai l’impression que le groupe est généré par celui-ci ?


Il s’agit de BIM Vision.
Je ferai le test sur d’autres demain


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