Incorrect Export to IFC tree



A bug related to the export to IFC, he is incorrect:
1 the Hierarchy is not inherited from the model: in the project two components Site1, Site2 in Ifc is exported only Site1, Site2 disappears
2, the Hierarchy is not inherited from model: 4 project component Building 1, Building 2, Building 3, Building 4 Ifc export only all coponent Building3 Floor1.1…4.2 as child although it’s not right
3 for some reason the component name “Site1” is replaced with the name “Default Site”
4 the “Composition Type” parameter is exported with the “ELEMENT” value and must be “Partial”
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IFC 2х3.skp (413.6 KB)
IFC 2х3.ifc.txt (44.6 KB)


Check this post:



Yes, you posted that screenshot allready, there still are some flaws with the native export, try this one:


Tested your plugin SketchUp-IFC-Manager 2.0.1 very much
Found a feature of the plugin it correctly makes the export work when there are groups on the other layers are turned off the idea he should ignore them but this is not happening he is trying to xparticular all components and groups on the disconnected layers


Do not use groups, use components instead, you can add more attributes via dynamic components attributes


Project name is not exported


Do not use special charcaters like '&' to test attributes.
Use some alpha-numeric characters like "Test Project 1".


Project name is not exported


It is @brewsky’s (Jan Brouwer’s) plugin.

And the latest version is 2.1.1.

To file issues and bugs go here …


I think you have multiple ifc-sites?
Use one project at the time.


The name of the IfcProject contains the name of the IFC file.


Yes, I have 1 project 2 sites in each of 2 buildings each has 2 floors


Yes, thanks Dan!
Please report any issues you find on Github, that makes it much easier to manage and fix them!


Yes, correct, version 2.1.1 only takes the IfcProject name and description from the SketchUp Model itself, it ignores properties set on a component classified as IfcProject.

I just released a little fix (version 2.1.2: that takes name and description from (one of) IfcProject component(s) if these are present in the model, if not present than it uses the Model name and description, if Model name is also empty than it uses “Default Project” and “Description of Default Project”.
This seems to work OK for me. If anyone has any problems, please let me know(preferably using Github issues :wink:



Projectname is fixed in version 2.1.2, but I noticed that CompositionType is still an issue. I will look into that as soon as I have some spare time! Thanks for pointing it out!


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