Dynamic components attributes bug

Hi there,

Running Sketchup Pro Version 21.1.298 on Mac OS 11.2.3 Dynamic Components v1.8.2

I built a IFC4 inspired IfcClass classification using Dynamic Components (DC) text attributes and nested DC. I can pass on data from children to parents and it seems to work OK. Something really strange happens when I go back to a high level DC, say the IfcProject DC, and change some of the attributes data, say the ContractorName or ContractValue or whatever. After typing a few parameters value the ScaleX of the entire sequence of nested DC IfcProject / IfcSite / IfcBuilding / IfcStorey / IfcSpace / IfWall goes bonkers and the ScaleX value goes off the chart and the model becomes unresponsive. I thought I had found a nice workaround to export BIM data using DC but if I can’t update the DC attributes then I guess I need to give up on SketchUp, Mac and go Revit. That would be sad. Any help massively appreciated.

DC might not be the best approach with that kind of nesting, depending on how its referencing the higher levels. Have you tried the IFC manager?
It also makes use of DC’s, but in a less complicated way.

Or upload an example to see if anyone can spot something weird.

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