How to export user-defined attributes in IFC

I have built an hospital using parallelepiped to simulate its departments. Each department is a dynamic component with user defined attributes like surface,volume,hours of utilizzation…is there a way to export my work il a .IFC file and save my attributes so that anyone that want to open the hospital with other programmes can has an access to the attributes that I wrote?
thanks everybody

At the moment, no. The ifc export is for the standard library (ifc2x3) elements. If you want to export Dynamic attributes which you have defined yourself, use generate report and download the information as csv.

Release Notes for SketchUp 2018 say:

IFC Export Improvements
BIM doesn’t really work if information can’t move freely between applications. We’ve dialed in our IFC exporter to ensure that the attributes you bring in from other applications or manipulate in SketchUp stay with your work when it leaves SketchUp.

and further down


  • Fixed an issue where exporting as IFC removed Custom Property Sets.

SketchUp User Guide

Yes, the export of IFC is improved in the New version 2018, so the OP (With version 2017) must update his version, but he would also have to update all his DC’s.
Though the new SU Attributes (in definition and in instance) are getting exported into IFC format as custom sets (SU_DefinitionSet, SU_InstanceSet), this does not include the DC attributes.

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thanks a lot for these advices…I’ll try to do what you told

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