Ifc storey level

I made an ifc from a building. An engineer says my levels for 1. and 2. floor is all wrong. The ifc coded leves are both set at +0,2m, he says. I guess I dont really know how to structure the hierarchy of site-building- storey correctly, but does that affect the levels?

In the model my two storys obviously are not on the same height. They display geometrically the correct height.

What is it really that defines the storey level? I want the value for 1 floor to be 0, and the next to be +3,95m

The engineer say that when he places objects, dont know what software it is, but objects that are supposed to be places at an certain height above the floor, like a sink, he needs to put in absurd number in order for the geometry to be shown correctly.

BYGG fossegrenda.skp (6.1 MB)

The ifc is made with ifcManager

I’m not at the computer now, have you tried to set the IfcStorey origin axes at the required level?
Maybe all of them are at 0,2m

If I link the IFC in Revit, it seems ok:

So the problem is most likely in the way the engineer is importing it, I guess?

You should make a component per floor ir order to have buildings storeys.
The structure should be something like this:

with Ifc Manager select all components in a storey and right click

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I´ll set it up like that and try again… Thanks

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Yes, @rtches is right about the structure. I might add that it seems to me that if in any one ifcStorey component you have anything whose bounding-box goes below the physical storey-height level, then things get messed up when the resultant ifc export gets opened in other software (mis-interpreted), am I right ?

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so the slab, the floor, has some thickness downwards that is obviously below the level. Would that interfere?

Would that make it more correct to add that slab as a “roof” for the ifcBuildingStorey below ?

I think so but not as IfcRoof but IfcSlab.
Watch this ifc file exported from SketchUp

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:smiley: @rtches you got in there quicker !

I got it sorted. Its not clear that the engineer´s software DDS-cad, (never heard of it before) reads ifc correctly, but the solution in this case was to correct the axis system for each building storey, and package those two storeys as ifcbulding before export.

Taking the slab for 2. floor out of the 2 storey component in order to not have geometry below the level for the storey didn’t produce any effect, it seems, in this case.

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