IFC Import SKP 2021 vs. 2023

i have something to discuss abut the ifc-import to sketchup.
i am writig a ifc-viewer for sketchup and test a lot in different skp-versions.

so i came across the following problem:

i have a file, which i can import well in to sketchup 2021.

this file includes ifc-spaces, which are not filled with elements and they are at the same level as the ifc elements in the file

so you have imported:

…storey >> ifc_space


… storey >> ifc_window

or at two lowest ifc-levels

… storey >> ifc_curtain wall >> ifc-plate

here it is important to see, that there are 2 levels of ifc-elements unter ifc-storey at the lowest level of the ifc-path.

this can be imported in skp 2021 !!!

in 2023 this structure cannot be imported. sa soon, as you have nested elements in 2 levels unter the “ifc-storey”,
skp 2023 will not import.

here you get

… storey >> ifc_space >> instance

the instance has no classification, so the ifc-space is the deepest ifc-element.
that seems to be an import problem in skp 2023.
that in my opinion is the reason why some ifc-elements are not imported in 2023.

someone else with ideas or experience with this? i would be very interested, if somebody has another ideas to this problem.


can you share the ifc file in order to test it?

hello, it is a file, i got from internet, i will send you the link later. regards



take the hochhaus - ifc

in my viewer the structure differs , the elements inside the ifc-curtain dont get in 2023…
(can you confirm?)



regards stan

I have the same problem as you. Unless I import the file to Trimble Connect and export again to Trimbim, I’m not able to see the proper geometry in SketchUp 2023.
Maybe @MikeWayzovski can help you…

thanx for confirming.
i read some threads about lost walls etc. whle importing ifc
and could identify the same problem in other ifc-files (nested ifc ind another ifc at lowest level). this makes problems in 2023.

so one has to import in 2021 and then use in 2023…