Search function for in model component list, or component collection

So at @DaveR 's and others gentle prompting today on the live session I have decided it’s time to move beyond my previous method of organizing collections of components. Thanks for the push, it’s high time. I had organically built up several “build template files” over the years for different kinds of design that already have many commonly used components for a given task ready to insert from the in model component window. This is a kludgy way of working that makes for gigantic template files and forces me to purge before sharing a file, dumb but it was working and was fast. I’ve started building up some custom local collections to try to take the place of this. Questions:

Am I correct that there is no search function within a custom collection? If I type a search into the search field above my collection it goes to the warehouse?

Is there best way to organize this by making use of the file hierarchy, having labeled folders and sub folders? This does not seem to work on my MAC, I cannot see sub folders, just the folder contained in the parent folder “components” but nothing deeper?

Once my collections gets over 50 items or so, how can I quickly find what I want?

Is there are way to adjust the “List view” order in the components window?

What other cool tips am I missing?

So as Aaron mentioned there isn’t currently a way to search local collections for components but you could sort your local components into smaller, easier to manage collections. For example I have a Hardware collection which is sub-divided into categories.
Screenshot - 9_11_2020 , 5_20_44 PM

So the first few components in my Hinges collection looks like this:
Screenshot - 9_11_2020 , 5_21_01 PM

I could sort those into smaller categories such as Euro hinges, butt hinges, knife, hinges and continuous hinges if I wanted to.

At least for me, that works well enough. I think you could collect your truss components in some logical way so you could make them easy to find.


OK, I’m starting to find my way, got some sub folders going and can navigate around them. I’m making smaller collections in sub folders to make search unnecessary. This is way better, thanks.

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Good deal. And remember that as you add more components you can use drag and drop to save them into the correct categories.

I also like to keep the collections smaller. One of my hardware folders for assembly instructions (always adding as I need to)…


Then inside the subfolder for J bolts, which also contains nuts and washers to suit, to avoid going somewhere else to find them…



I find it quicker to model everything from scratch as I need it.


Only joking.


Oh yeah. I’m the same way with components, I never use them. I find it quicker to just model the same thing as many times as I need.


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Can I ask, why would it be so hard to add a search function to search for components “In model”. I have been developing a modular building system for a client which has hundred of components. Doesn’t seem like it would be a hard thing for the developers to ad

I’m not a developer for SketchUp. I don’t even work for Trimble. I can’t aswer your question. Maybe a search feature could be added some day. I was only offering a suggestion that works now so that the OP isn’t dead in the water until such time as the feature is implemented.

When it comes down to it, a search feature for components is something I personally wouldn’t use. I’ve never once wished for it myself. Of course I’m just one user and clearly it is something that others could use so maybe it will appear in some future version.