Search function for in model component list

I know this topic is discussed here:

The responses are the usual helpful workarounds provide by Sages to get you out of trouble.

I just want to flag and formally request this feature which would be very helpful to my work.

Since there is already a search bar provided in the component tab to search the 3D warehouse, this could just be toggled to allow you to search ‘In Model’ only. Searching by typing the name would be my ideal way to immediately jump to the required component when the list is very long.

Thanks very much.


Actually, we could even do without the 3d warehouse search in this small panel. it’s small, the results are a bit cramped, you don’t see much, and well… :wink:

You’re right, it would be more useful to use it to search “in model” rather than “in vintage 3d warehouse interface”

I don’t use this panel a lot, I find that on big project, with 50+ components, it can be hard to find what you need, yeah, good practice means a proper naming system, but hey, sue me.
Such a search tool would actually make it easier to use the panel. :slight_smile:

Completely agree. I’ve never searched 3d warehouse in there. Always use the full window. Need to see what your getting before you drop someones potential mess into your model.

Is there another way to find the component you need for performing ‘replace component’? (other than manually scrolling down in this list)

I scroll.

well no when I have a lot, I select it in my 3d model, check its name, then quickly scroll.
searching would help.

And I know, some naming freaks will come and explain we should use a proper naming system. Right.
But projects evolve, and so do names. And Some project that will end up in LO needs proper naming and filling all info, but many other simply don’t. naming stuff is just for me, nobody will ever see it.

when I modelled my desk, I had the issue :

Say, the mac mini. it’s named mac mini. What should I call the cable ? Mac mini cable , so it’s right next to the mac mini ? or Cable mac mini, so it’s sorted with all the other cables ?
I choose to sort all of the cables together, that way I can easily jump the C when scrolling, but a search tool would just make it easier.

there two component browser panels, the first usually set to home page, the second to your own folders.
Rather than fishing I go directly to the folder and object then use replace on that selection, then does not matter if in model or not.

If you are using a scaling component (DC) you came use a script to excess own folders, then object can be placed, scaled, rotated as one would draw a line, rectangle or cuboid depending on tool created