Feature Request - Searchable Components Tray

In regards to the components, tray.
A search box at the top of the tray allows you to search the 3d warehouse for premade components but does not allow you to search the components in your model.

There are other more effective ways to search the 3d Warehouse for premade components, so this box isn’t used in my workflow. However, I often want a way to search my model for a specific component.

On large projects, I often want to find a specific component in my list to pull into a new scene. Scrolling through a large list is time-consuming.
It would be great to just search for it.

Additionally, in the drop-down menu, you can access your own saved components in the favorites library. As the years have passed, I have added quite a few things I often use to this menu. It would be great to be able to search my own saved premade components in the favorites folder so I can quickly add them to my model.

It would be great if the drop-down menu’s arrow button could also control the search box.
So if you have the “in model” selected in the drop-down menu, you can search for components that are in your model.
If you have the “favorites folder” selected, you can search for components in your favorites folder.

Whatever folder you have selected is what you are searching in.


You can search any components or group on the outliner tray.

Thank you! I did not know that, and that will be helpful.
Looking at it, it is not quite the use case I am looking for. Outliner brings up a list of instances in the model where I can turn visibility on or off or locate it in the scene.

What I am hoping for is to be able to search for my saved components in my favorites library to bring into the current scene, or a component in the skp file that is in a different scene, but want to pull it into the current new scene.
There are all kinds of things that can happen if the components tray is searchable. For example, if I have version 2 of a component and want to use the replace select function to replace all the version one components with version 2.
It would be awesome to just search it up!

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Yes it will be good to have that feature, did you know you can create your own folder with your components and use them on any of your files, in case you use dynamic components this is very helpful, I created different folders with windows, doors and dynamic furniture, but you can create with any component you want.

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If you use the method mentioned by @francisquitof you can open File Explorer to the folder you’d like (My Favorites, etc.) and use the search feature (upper right). The components drag and drop from there, basically like they do from the Components Tray.

If you want to get fancy, you can use MS Power Toys, Fancy Zones to dock folder windows in a way that works for you.

Sketch+ from Mindsight Studios contains such a feature. Find it here

flextools also has a free component browser plugin
ComponentFinder – FlexTools
Although I agree, this should be native, without needing an extension

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While there are several workarounds, I completely agree with you.
It’s a good feature request…time for an update to the Component Browser (maybe some sort buttons to arrange by date, size, etc)

The 3d Warehouse browse function is pretty hopeless so may as well just launch a window to the Warehouse web page.

For those suggesting the Outliner, it still doesn’t run very well, and it’s not graphical so it’s only of use when you name every component carefully - which is unlikely to be the case in a large and complex model.

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I don’t agree with that, naming every component and group is more important and useful if you’re working with a big model, so you can have more control over your model, it takes a bit more of time naming and tagging a group or component right after creating it, but it will save you a lot more of time in the future, and you’ll have a well organized model, if you want to use BIM methodology on sketchup this is something that must be done, and not only naming and tagging, you should add more attributes and information to every thing you model. I’ve seen small projects that are almost impossible to work with, some of them are useless and it’s easier to start over than trying to put an order to all that mess.

Depends on the workflow and what you mean by “large model.”

I use tags and components to organise the model. i do name critical components, but naming doesnt help with the issue of a confusing and enormous componet browser.

Naming and renaming and organizing 214,000 components isn’t going to work (and, it would make my heart sad if I had to do this often).

Outliner doesn’t work well for this, it can’t bulk-rename, and SketchUp doesn’t automate the naming process or provide any direct interface to the IFC system.
There are probably extensions to assist with this, but they’re not in common use here so I don’t even bother.

Maybe the Browser and Outliner need to be merged… Eg if Outliner had a thumbnail view, and enabled things like Reloading or retaining deleted components, stats, etc.

It feels like we have a half-baked outliner, and a half-baked component browser, tbh.