The component browser is terrible. Prove me wrong

You can’t sort. Thumbnails are too small. No option to review and select items to purge. If you select a component, then right click, the delete command is greyed out (yes, I know the key is to NOT select it, but that’s dumb). Nothing is displayed to indicate if the component is being used or not. “Select Instances” doesn’t take you to the component in the model. No cohesive integration with Outliner or Tags. No indication of component “file size” or the ability to sort by size. And more…(or less)

I’m used to programs that provide an “elements browser” that is sortable, shows whether the element is used or unused (usually by bolding, italicizing, or changing the color of the font), the ability to select unused items and have them highlighted in the browser where they can be deselected if desired–then purged, and a “take me there” feature to find where the instance was used.

I’m not aware of any significant changes to the component browser since I started with SU 6 years ago. SU as a whole has continued to advance and offers many incredible features, yet the component browser–which arguably should be the major control center for all things related to components–is not even remotely close to other programs I use that allow for elegant organizing, locating, and managing thousands of elements. How is this “tool” anything more than just a basic list of components with some rudimentary contextual options?


I agree with you, component tray must be more flexible & it will be good that SU has its own 3D & 2D more used components for architect and interior design,
but unfortunetle I think no one in trimble see what their clients want and need, and year after year not changing anything

This Extension can add a little more "flex"ibility …:wink:
ComponentFinder – FlexTools

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Not all SketchUp users need these components you are referring to. Trimble provides the 3D Warehouse so you can get the components you need for your work. I for one would resent being forced to download and install all those “3D & 2D more used components for architects and interior design” that you want. You can easily create your own local colllections with the components you need for the kind of work you do.

I think Trimble actually does see what their clients want and need but I also think they are looking at a much larger picture across a larger range of users.


I tend to use the outliner and search function more than I do component browser - the search alone makes that more viable and the outliner interacts with selections by default.

I suspect the component tray is a hangover from simpler times, I’m till suprised it is enabled and outliner is disabled by default.

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Outliner is definitely a good option for finding components that are already in the model space. The Components panel is still the way to go for inserting new instances of components whether from In Model or local collections.

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I suspect outliner closed by default may be a hangover from when having it open caused a serious performance hit. It has been improved in recent versions.

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of course, their looking is so “larger” it looks very good in SU 2023 update. their was so many useful features for 1 year, It’s surprising how much they achieved it all in 1 year :))))
flip tool & … flip tool again :)))

more than 50% SU used for architect & design( trimbles statistic). I know what I can, but so big company can do it better, to have own style, face with most often used components.

good luck

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So you would insist that ALL users are forced to have architectural and interior design components even if they don’t want them.

Create your own style and your own set of components instead of being forced to use what someone else decides you want.

I’m not insist nothing, its onle wish,
don’t worry my friend, if you not hear me.

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