Need sales support, to acquire the right version/product

I need to design a stick house. More specifically I need the stick house design to show all the components of the framing design e.g., plates, studs, cripples, joists etc. I just need to know what would be the appropriate version to do that with.

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Probably the best way to go is with SketchUp 2021 Pro. I expect if you need to model all those details you also want to get some useful information out of the model.

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I can also endorse using the Medeek BIM suite of extensions. Incredibly powerful and fast to pick up. You’re also able to fully customize things beyond what the plugin can accomplish, so there’s really no limit to it. Just my opinion, I have not been given large truckloads of Yorkshire Tea and/or fine whiskey for this endorsement.

(That’s a hint, Wilkerson!) @medeek

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Thank-you for the full fledged endorsement and vote of confidence. I don’t know about tea or whiskey but I might be able to help you out with a nice steak dinner if you are ever in the area.

In all seriousness though I think the Medeek extensions have progressed considerably (especially the wall and electrical extensions) these past few months, however they are all still works in progress. I’ve done my best to keep up a vigorous level of bug fixes and updates as well as adding new features per customer requests, so progress has been steady.

There are however other options out there with respect to modeling and extensions:

1.) Framer by John Brock
2.) PlusSpec by RubySketch
3.) Modeling the old fashioned way without plugins.

Framer is a solid extension created by John Brock and it is probably not as far along as my Wall plugin extension but it does offer the ability to generate your stud framed walls and the sheathing.

PlusSpec is a full fledged BIM software with estimating and scheduling however it is probably geared more toward the professional builder or designer and its cost reflects that.

My extensions kind of fall somewhere in between PlusSpec and Framer. I’ve tried to keep the pricing as reasonable as possible but I’ve also spent a good deal of effort trying to make the extensions as flexible and full featured as possible.

Modeling everything manually is also an option and there are some SketchUp purists that still choose to go this route. Personally I find that my time is quite valuable and if I can turn an hour long task into a matter of seconds or minutes I will usually jump at the tool or product.

If it’s as a one off, and not for commercial use, Make 2017 (download here) would probably be the way to go. If it’s commercial or a frequent thing, then as @DaveR said, Pro '21 would be the way to go.

In addition to the commercial use thing, I suggested SketchUp 2021 Pro because of the ability to use Report Generator and Dynamic Components to make useful reports along with LayOut to create CDs if needed.

Ah OK.
You can do that in the firs 30days of downloading Make tho, no?

Yeah but what’s the point if you only have 30 days? It’s fine for a trial but no way to continue. And if you’re going to do a trial, might as well do it with the current version so you can try the current features.

I guess so :slight_smile:

Just realised that and was half way through typing it :man_facepalming:

If you can get a brand new program with brand new extensions, learn them both, AND model an entire house and produce a working drawing set in 30 days, you have my respect.

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I’ll take that steak! And you’re out in PNW, right?Geez, a box of Yorkshire Gold is like $5. This is a way better deal!

Aha I couldn’t but an adult maybe could…