Plugin for addition to house

good morning
wanting to design a workshop addition to my house with a loft for an office. looking for recommendation for a plugin

What do you want the plugin to do for you?

There are some extensions such as those from Medeek in the Extension Warehouse that can model walls and foundations and such. They might be helpful. It could be done without any extensions, though.

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mostly what iam looking for is to take the model i have and have the plug in produce a bill of material based on the model

Depending on how you’ve modeled it you might be able to utilize the native Report Generator. For timber construction there are some cut list extensions that can create lists, too. Have a look in the Extension Warehouse.

tks, went with OCL as extension. didnt model like it should (still rookie) now try to figure best way to get info i need onto the componets etc

I expect you’d get plenty of guidance on that front if you share your SketchUp file.

I was in the same situation. A new user and wanting to dig out the details. I watched some videos from Justin (TheSketchUpEssentials) and Matt (MasterSketchUp). I went with Quantifier Pro. It’s a paid extension but worth it! Especially if you use Profile Builder from the same company.