Looking for best house design extension

I am looking for the best residential home design extension. Is there an all in one that does site work, excavation, foundation, framing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofing, Insulation, interior finishes, exterior finishes, Windows, Doors, etc?

I have not discovered a single extension that handles all phases of residential construction, typically a collection of extensions provided by a developer, that interact. Most are paid with a few that are quite expensive, targeted at commercial users. You might check out the Medeek Extensions (my favorite) and/or John Brock’s extensions. I am sure there are more but those come to mind first. If you do a search you will find many more and some very knowledgeable professionals. Also, of interest in evaluating the extensions would be YouTube videos (SketchUp Essentials, MasterSketchUp, SketchUp Skills (Aaron), etc.). Try searching this forum, there are many posts. Here is an example:

Hope this helps …

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For the best? The two best options, I doubt there are any better than these two. Medeek suite plugins and PlusSpec. I’ve used both, used Medeeks plugins a lot. In just about every single application no matter the industry, there is no such thing as an all in one does everything app, work arounds are always required. Maybe a few apps out there that can handle all they say they can… Anyways though, those two plugins are amazing.

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