Plugins appropriate for residential architecture


I have been using Sketch-up Make 2015, not Pro, for residential design projects. I have recently become aware of the benefits of using plugins / extension to better articulate my work and to do so with greater ease.

Specifically I am looking for a plugin for residential framing including: drawing walls, floor, rafters, foundations, doors, windows, etc.; the quality seen in blueprints and acceptable for securing a building permit.

I have looked into this but I am uncertain about which plugin would serve my needs. I could really use some good advice in selecting one or more plugins.




From your description, it seems like you should be working with Pro in lieu of Make, particularly if you are creating residential design projects on a commercial (fee) basis. The software is relatively affordable for professional users and certain salient features that expand productivity are only available in the Pro version. That being said, a vast amount of plug ins are available to facilitate developing SketchUp models. Specific to your inquiry, you may want to look at House Builder or just conduct a search of the Extensions Warehouse.


Thank for your suggestion. House Builder seems ideal! I have tried various approaches to download the program and all have been unsuccessful. I have gone to the Ruby Library Depot and I also tried through the Sketch-Up Extension Warehouse, where a search for House Builder and the developer, S. Hurlbut, turned up negative.

Can you offer any advice for downloading this program.



A link to the House Builder extension is provided here:

This older plug in was developed by Didier Bur for SU version 5 so no guarantee on how well this will play with your version of Make. I previously migrated this and many other older plug ins to SU 2015 and this extension continues to function acceptably on my Win 7 OS.


Thank you once again!



Take a look to Skalp4SketchUp to create filled sections from your sketchup models.




Thanks Guy, I will definitely look into it.


Hello @frsprings227,

We are super proud of both SketchUp Make and Pro but we rely on Pro to keep the lights on, so if you find that you are making money using SketchUp it doesn’t seem unreasonable to pay for a license. I’m just saying, is all, and you may not want to blabber it out on the forum in the future…

Thanks for your understanding and for being a part of the SketchUp Community.