Housebuilder Replacement

New to Sketchup. Please use your kid gloves on me.
I just installed SU 2016, figured out the basics, watched a tutorial on Housebuilder and went for the download. It seems that Housebuilder is no longer in use, at least for 2016. Can someone direct me to a extension that will provide the same framing/roofing functions that Housebuilder seems offers? I downloaded Builder but it seems to be limited and the version I have is all metric; and I am not.

Housebuilder is still available and it works just fine in SU2016. You just need to look in the right place for it. It is available here.

Thanks Dave. I did use that link but when I try to open it in SU I get: “This does not appear to be a Sketchup model!”. I thought that was due to the SU 16 version issue. I guess it really means my next task is to read how to get downloaded extensions to workl’.

You don’t open the .rbz file directly. Go to SketchUp’s Preferences and click on Extensions. Then click on Install Extension… Navigate to where you saved the file, select it, click Open and the affirmative answers to the prompts after that. Let SketchUp install it and load it.

You don’t open an extension, you install it by Window->Preferences->Extensions->Install Extension. Point the dialog to the rbz file and let’er’rip.

As usual, Dave posted while I was typing!