Help downloading house builder

i’m trying to down load sketchup extension house builder on to my laptop. I;m running windows 10 and sketchup 2016 make. all advice of changing rb files to rbz seems impossible, any advice would be appreciated thank you

House builder is an older extensions that may not work in 2017. There is a very lengthy thread on House Builder I(with links to the most recent version) here:

Follow the link Aaron provided and get the current version of HouseBuilder at Sketchucation. It works just fine in SketchUp 2017.

Thanks Aaronn ill give it a try

Hi Guys

New to this forum. I have tried to install latest Metric House Builder via provided link from TIG on my WIN 10 2017 pro SU…but nothing showing up. Extension manager shows only
READ ME after installation. Nothing else is apparently happening. I have reread all posts to find an answer, but still stuck. If anyone can help I would appriciate very much.
Thanks in advance

When you installed it did you download it and then use Install Extension from Extension Manager? Did you find it in the list of extensions in Extension Manager? Is it enabled? Did you look for its toolbar in View>Toolbars?

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