Installing the ruby house builder on my mac

Hey there all I’m trying to install the ruby house builder on my mac i did it once but when i re started ketchup it was gone. Im currently running the 2015 edition and have not paid to get the pro. i have the check mark selected in my preferences under extensions but no matter what i try i cant get the tool bar show on sketch up any more please some one save me!!!

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Where did you get Housebuilder from?

Just off the ruby homepage. Is there a better place to get it?

Yes. The one there has not been updated and probably never will be. Instead, get the updated one of your choice from Sketchucation. There’s both metric and imperial versions.

Before you try installing the updated version, I would suggest you clean out the Plugins folder or anything from the version you tried to install.

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I will try that thanks a tone!!!

so should this other one fix the measurement problem with the house builder plugin like when
to put in 8’6 and get 8’ 4 1/2 like this form someone explaines an error with the plugin.

All searches for instructions on how to install housebuilder 2 lead to this same thread, to click on link (as DaveR has listed here) and the link is a dead end.

So… I gather that this housebuilder 2 plugin is very desirable, despite being older, I see many people have the same inquiry: How can I get & install this extension. I gather it is difficult to install seems to be a two part install, something from Ruby downloaded installed & then the Housebuilder extension install. I reckon I can manage it if I can find the downloadable files and some step-by-step instructions.

my needs: downloads for macbook pro, metric.

Why do you say that. The link is not a dead end. The link I provided goes to a post on the Sketchucation in which TIG provides the links for both the metric and imperial versions of Housebuilder. The metric one is highlighted.

If you aren’t a member of Sketchucation, sign up. It doesn’t cost anything.

It’s no different to install than other extensions that are packaged as RBZ files.

After you download it to your computer, use Install Extension from the Extension Manager to install it. No big deal.

I had worked out the install of plugin, accidentally. I found it a little
counter intuitive, seemed like i should be trying to select from the list
and then click the install button. I had the idea that i had to work out
how to get the file i downloaded onto the list, but then discovered
clicking “install” allowed me to navigate to my file.

And my trouble with getting TIG’s metric file was that I was logged in. I
had to logout log back in and backtrack to the link, it just worked after
that. Perhaps was a matter of refreshing.