How to install the Plugin Extension HouseBuilder

New SketchUp users and it seems from the YouTube video on how to use Sketchup to design a Small House, that the best plugin to use would be House Buider. This program is too hard to install! It looks like you have to be a computer enthusiast to set up any option.

It looks like you have to be a fortune-teller to help you…

Generally it should not be difficult to install extensions. If you encounter challenges, then it is a very specific case. Did the video give you instructions from where to obtain it, or do you maybe have a wrong version or wrong instructions? Can you tell which extension you mean (= link to identify it) or which video recommended it (link)?

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This is an old plugin.
There are several newer, and therefore, better extensions available.
Do some googling…

However, to help those less demanding users [who need the simple older version], through the morass of old files and versions, I made the definitive pair of RBZ files for the last/latest iterations of the files for both unit-systems - and they are available from SketchUcation:
Use the metric or imperial version links to access the download links.
Use the native installer on the RBZ you get.

You need to be a SketchUcation member to download files, but their register page has links off to a simple free membership option…


I have it installed on a mac with sketchup 2019, I can see it in the manager but can’t open the extension

Please don’t make multiple posts on the same topic. I replied to the thread you started and you haven’t answered my questions yet.