Installing the Housebuilder extension

Have a question. I have just started to use Sketchup2016 so I can get used to it before I buy Pro. Have seen theirs a good plugin called Housebuilder which allows me to make Wall,Floor and roof frames but cannot seem to add it to Sketchup any advise.

Perhaps you could give some details about what you are trying to do to install it. Where did you find it? What did you do after you located it on the web? Did you see this?

FWIW, if you are just starting out with SketchUp, you would be well-advised to learn the native tools before you start adding complexity with extensions and plugins.

Thanks for your reply. I am going through the basic tools and finding it very enjoyable. just thought if could find a way of making frames quicker it would give me more time to try other tools as well.
I Searched the internet for the Housebuilder Plugin. I downloaded it and found it to be a zip file I looked on the community site and found out you have to change it to a .rbz which I did then started Sketchup went to preferences, install preferences but the plugin was not their to select.

So you only changed the .ZIP file to .RBZ? There’s more to it than that to get Housebuilder to work in SketchUp. You should download the RBZ file from Sketchucation. The zipped version hasn’t worked in years but the rbz version was updated so it will work.

After you download the rbz file from Sketchucation, follow the instructions that were given in the link I provided.