Do we have anything like this for SketchUp & LayOut?

the ‘Instant Wall’ plugin ($) from Vali Architects might provide you at least with parts of the fuctionality your are looking for.

If you need full-blown AEC/BIM use a AEC/BIM application like Archicad, Vectorworks, Allplan or Revit etc.

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How Medeek Wall plugin?


What are you hoping to accomplish with it?
Medeek Wall can do amazing things, but you need to know how to work it.

Just like everything else!


Was only a suggestion on my part. I have no/do not use it.

I have used Vali Architects stuff and have the full PlusSpec Design-Build and the full suite from Medeek. All are great in their own ways. I just like the idea of the Pre Built wall assemblies, especially when transferring to LayOut to build a set of plans to submit to the Building Dept. I am definitely getting push back from others I work with to move to Revit. I love SketchUp and am trying to avoid moving to Revit.

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For small timers like me, Revit isn’t really an option.


I don’t even know what it does as much as Id like.

They have the “LT” version for “small timers”, it’s OK for small projects and costs a fraction of the “full” version - still more than SketchUp Pro, though.

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