Looking for a developer skilled in building Sketchup and Layout extensions and plugins

Hello, I own a building firm and I’m looking for a developer skilled in building Sketchup and Layout extensions and plugins (not sure what the difference is). We do about 500 garage and outbuilding projects annually and have a design department. Currently they build the 3-D version of the building in Sketchup then cut and paste it into Layout to create the 2-D plans needed for the install crews and the local code officials. We use multiple templates to create each set of plans. The plans could include the structure, lean-tos, doors, windows, textured siding and roofing, etc. Interested in creating a extension or plugin that will pull info from my Pricing Proposal and automate the plans in Sketchup/Layout.

LayOut does not yet have a “live” plugin API. But the API can create and modify .layout files from SketchUp.

(list of tutorials re:) Construction documents - general overall flow question - #4 by DanRathbun

A good programmer will cost not less than 2000 $ per week (likely more for the gurus.)
Something like this would take not less than 3 to 6 months (dependent upon complexity) perhaps up to a year.
So say 24k … 100k development.

Or you might piggy back onto Neil’s work. See where his project is at this time (it has a trial):

Extension Warehouse page: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Gallery: Building Creator Extension (Demo Video)

Discussion: Building Creator Extension

When I say “piggy back” I mean perhaps pay him a bounty (fund) some particular enhancement that you need.

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Thanks for mentioning Building Creator.

Unfortunately Building Creator doesn’t meet Reuben’s needs because it only does 3D drawings. Building Creator doesn’t offer a way to create 2D plans in Layout, although I’m actively working at adding features, and hope to eventually have a program that will created 2D building plans and construction drawings.

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