Is SU still free?


I recall signing up for SU I think it was 8 several years ago and it was free. I wish I had stuck with it but put it aside and now I really want to get back into it. So I re-installed it on my computer and now it says I have a 30 day trial. So is SU still free or not? If it is but at the end of this trial, does that mean that SU “free” won’t work for me any more?

I notice when I open it to use it, it says SU 2015 (or 2016…can’t remember exactly and I’m not at my work computer).

Please advise. Thanks.


SketchUp has 2 versions now: free and paid. The free version is called SketchUp Make. You can download it here:


OK thanks. I could have sworn that I downloaded that version so that’s why I’m puzzled about it saying I have a 30 day trial.


You’re welcome! Good luck.


Make comes with a 30-day Pro trial. After 30 days the welcome screen will give you the option to go with the free Make version.


ok thanks.for letting me know this


SU-make if for hobbyists and personal use. You will probably need to consider a pro licence if you are going to use it for work.


Thank you again for letting me know this.