Dynamic Component Problem with furniture Design detail


Hello, I have a piece of kitchen furniture in sketchup. I want to convert it into a dynamic component so that it is easier for me to apply it to different spaces.
I was doing some tutorials, and I learned how to scale it, keeping the thickness of the components, and it works perfectly.

If you look at the images that are attached, you will see that the sides of the kitchen cabinet have a cut out where the furniture handle rests. The problem is when I scale the furniture in height or depth. Because that cut is disproportionate, with its real dimension.

How can I make sure that when I scale the component, that cut keeps its proportion?


In order to keep the thickness off the panels you needed to divide the cabinet into different parts, in order to keep the ‘gap’ the same size, you need to divide the panel itself in (2 or 3) parts:


divide the end panel into two, hide the co-joined surface and lines, and treat the individual components with their own set of position and size attributes


Ok, let me review the steps to see if I understood correctly:

  1. Divide the side panel component into 3 sub-components
  2. Then I hide the lines that join them so that it seems to be one piece.
  3. I apply different attributes to each sub-component so that when I scale it, I keep the proportion of the section where I had the problem.

it is right? I attach images of each step.