How to scale dynamic cabinet

What am I doing wrong here? I’ve created this dynamic cabinet that I want to scale whatever direction while cabinet will always maintain gales 0.75" thick

It seems to be working when I scale to the right, but it opens up on the left side

You need to add some attributes for the parts.For example, to prevent the gaps at the top you need to add a LenX attribute to the top such as =(CAB!LenX)-1.5) you also need to add an attribute for the position of the top such as =(CAB!X)+.75. The first defines the length as the overall width of the cabinet less the thickness of the two sides. The second attribute defines the X position relative to the CAB component’s origin.

You would need to do similar things to all of the parts in the Cab component. Add attributes related to each direction the cabinet could be scaled, too.

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you need to create formulas for position and size for the nested groups. I taken the liberty of changing all the members to components, placing the axis so that when re-inserted they lay flat for machining. You don’t have to follow this method, however it appears it may have some merit, however you do need to delete or disable the attribute on some so to position for your flat layout.


Dynamic cabinet - 1.skp (78.8 KB)

from the menu select
window \ model info \ Statistics…purge unused will greatly reduce the file size for sharing


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Cheers Dave,
got post before me
you should have mention your preference for the use of component, it probably save some further heart-ache

I dont know how you did it but this is working this is awesome @pcmoor thank you.

How can I make it to scale on Z axes up and down ?

PS. where do you guys learn how to apply these dynamic rules? Are there nay video tutorial I can get some advanced info on this topic?

to scale up, just need to tick the z axis on the scale attribute

there is the help, plus examples

the formula methods are similar to a spread sheet, like excel, but one dimensional. you can click other cell names, and formulas can be inserted after choosing from the formula sheet

mostly self taught, trial and error

the archives at sketchucation and this forum help.
the warehouse under dynamic component ?
could search for video on Youtube?
The good thing you can always inspect someone’s work and ask here.

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there is a series of learning examples hidden at the click-cuisine plugin website…


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