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Afternoon all,

I’ve recently has issues scaling dynamic components that I’ve made.

I have a standard kitchen carcase with a face frame attached (no doors) which I drag into place, then use the tape measure tool to create a guide at the appropriate width/height so the scale tool can be used to make the cabinet whatever size I’ve marked out. All of a sudden, it takes two or three attempts to to get the cabinet nearer and nearer the size I want, but rarely is it EXACLY what I’m after- it’s almost always +/- .3mm. Not a lot, granted, but really irritating!

Anyone have any ideas?



Did you look at the way the Dynamic Component’s properties are set up? Maybe you need to change size options to allow scaling the way you want to manage it. Sharing the component would help us help you.


Thanks Dave,

Does this work?..:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

dynamic base.skp (91.8 KB)


You should add attributes to the top-level container (=dynamic base) and derive measurements from it. Now, the parts get their measurements from an ‘actively’ changing bounding box while scaling. You never get there.
IOW: The scaling applies to the top-level component, derive the size for the ‘child’ components from it.



Thanks Mike. I had to edit it recently and it’s been a while since I have done so. I remember now!



I sent you a PM with my revisions to the components.


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