I cant resize a dynamic component

I made this basic dynamic component to make modular cabinets but it seems to not let use the scale tool, nevertheless when I input the dimensions it does resize. What did I do wrong?


I attached two images with the component attributes so maybe someone can spot where I made the mistake.

When I imported your file into a new file, there appears to be an extra level of nesting that isn’t needed; <CHAMELEON CABINET #2>.
Exploding that makes the case work fine.


You have referenced each of the size attributes to your custom ones, you need to reverse this for the scale to work

fix attached,
CHAMELEON CABINET 2.0. scale fix .skp (65.1 KB) you can use an option to choose between your fixed size and the scaled if required

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Thank you, I just did it again without the inverse references and it worked. Furthermore, thank you for attaching the solution.